Resume Review

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Kevin will review your resume in-depth (bullet by bullet point) and provide advice to best optimize your resume for your application. This covers all aspects of your resume such as formatting, quantitative analysis, and overall flow/story. I will also ensure it is geared properly for the specific role you are applying for. Kevin will screen share your resume and record a voice over as he provides live feedback. It’s as if we’re together reviewing it!

Expect 30-40 minutes of concrete video feedback. Please note that this is not a live video session, a recording will be provided for your personal download and use.


I enrolled for the resume review and was very happy with his insights and different perspectives. He was extremely timely, responsive, detailed and insightful. Kevin knows what he's doing and I highly recommend that anyone who is on the fence or looking for a career change to reach out to Kevin. I know that I have received valuable feedback that I can continue to apply and look for different details that will help me stand out for future employers.

– D.L.

Hello Kevin, thank you so much for making your course and bringing your insights in your course. The resume review session was also incredibly helpful. Using the resume review and the course was a game changer, I passed my interview for process assistant and got promoted!

– L.H.

Hey Kevin thank you very much, I got some great feedback and made the adjustments to my resume. Even more importantly though, I applied for 2 management positions afterwards and already have interviews scheduled for both of them with my new and improved resume. You really helped to transform my resume completely and I couldn’t have done this without your guidance.

– J.Z.